The school was built near the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari church to the wishes of the confraternity, who found that the little school (scoletta) built by Bartolomeo Bon in 1489 had become inadequate. The construction of the school passed from the designer Bon, to Sante and Giulio Lombardo and finally to Antonio Abbondi, known as Scarpagnino, who completed the construction by finishing the facade and the two internal rooms.

Externally the school is visually majestic and impressive, with its large facade in Istrian stone with architectural details. The main elements are the double order of columns, the windows on the lower floor designed by Pietro Bon, and those on the upper floor designed by Antonio Abbondi.

For over 24 years Jacopo Tintoretto decorated the interiors of the school, designing a cycle of works that made him famous all over the world. The first work on the ceiling in the Sala dell’Albergo depicting St Roch in Glory dates back to 1564, and he then continued his work with precision and passion taking care of the other decorations, as well as the entire Sala dell’Albergo, the Sala Capitolare (Chapter Room) and the Sala Terrena (Ground Floor Hall). Other artists contributed to the decoration of the School, such as Titian, with the ‘Annunciation’ and ‘Dead Christ’, Giorgione with ‘Christ Pantocrator’, Antonio Zanchi, Pietro Negri, Giambattista Tiepolo, Giuseppe Angeli, Pietro Saccardo and Gerolamo Campagna with the statues of ‘St Roch’, ‘St John the Baptist’ and ‘St Sebastian’, and Francesco Pianta Giovane who sculpted twelve figures.

Images gallery

The facade of Scuola of San Rocco.
Particular shot of the facade
The back of the School.

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