This museum houses collections of textiles, costumes, clothing and accessories, most of them of Venetian origin, embellished with embroidery and lace that highlight the artisan art of the time of which the Venetians were very proud. The creations of weavers, tailors, lace makers, embroiderers, etc. they were real works of art, sumptuous and elegant. Many of the collections come from the Correr, Guggenheim, Cini museums and the now suppressed International Center of Arts and Costumes in Palazzo Grassi; in the library, there are 13,000 figurines dating back to the time span from 1700 to 1900.

Everything was exhibited by relating the changes in clothing with the change in tastes and styles of furnishings.

Since 1st November 2013, nineteen rooms on the main floor have undergone an innovative change of layout consisting of new upholstery, faithful to the original ones, but with an iridescent chrome plating, specially made by Rubelli - Venice, as well as the fabrics of the curtains. The originality of the change is mainly linked to a new olfactory path present in the museum: the visitor, in fact, can lose himself in the history of perfume and essences through the use of real "olfactory stations". The project was entrusted to Mavive SpA, a Venetian company of the Vidal family with the participation of the well-known German essence house Drom.

It is possible to visit the building consisting of the Pòrtego decorated for parties and representative meetings, in which the Mocenigo coat of arms supported by two cherubs and the portraits of the most important exponents of the family of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and the stucco lounge where you can see the feminine “andrienne” dress and the infantile zamberlucco. The Red and Green Salotti whose names derive, in fact, from the color of the furnishings and walls and both are characterized by a precious chandelier made by Giuseppe Briati, Murano glass master of the eighteenth century in addition to the Pink dining room on whose walls we find three precious pastels by Francesco Pavona.

There are also the bedroom, the living room of the Four Seasons and the dining room characterized by paintings of enormous value

To conclude, we find the Library of Count Alvise Nicolò which houses temporary exhibitions and, among other paintings, the genealogical tree of the Corner family.

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Palazzo Mocenigo.

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