The Fontego (Fondaco in Italian) has the nickname "of the Germans" to encompass all merchants from the Nordic countries.

As was the case with the Turks, given the growth of this community, the Senate decreed the construction of a building used for the storage of goods (not surprisingly, it was built in the Rialto area, the main trading center of Venice) and for housing the people.

A fire in 1505 seriously damaged the building, so much so that it forced a total reconstruction that took place three years later; Lo Scapagnino in collaboration with Giorgio Spavento took care of the new project, assisted by Gerolamo Tedesco as a representative of the merchants (it was not Pietro Lombardo to whom the work was attributed for a long time).

The base of the building forms a quadrilateral around the internal courtyard, while in height it spreads over four floors plus the two side turrets placed along the facade on the Grand Canal.

For many years the building served as the headquarters of the Italian Post Office, today it has been redeveloped for commercial use.

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