The field takes its name from the area that was used as a vineyard until the early 1200s where there was an oratory dedicated to San Marco which - legend has it - while going to Aquileia was surprised by a storm and here in sleep an angel appeared to him who said to him: Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista meus (lat. "peace to you, Marco, my evangelist"), which then became the motto of the Serenissima and which was read in the book of the winged lion when the Serenissima was at peace.

It is one of the largest and most airy fields in Venice and also one of the most peaceful. A feeling of authentic openness and breath is felt coming from one of the three connecting streets, one connected by a bridge close to the colonnade.

On sunny days the colonnade in the field, which supports the passage between one building and the other and which divides the field from the Campiello della Confraternita, offers an evocative, almost cinematic play of light.

The field is located a few steps from the Campo della Celestia and the Arsenale of Venice (north side).

Images gallery

View of the field.
View of the field from the reverse perspective.
View of the field towards the church, different perspective.
View of the field towards the church.
View of the field.

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