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Green areas, woods and parks | Venipedia®


Bosco dell'Osellino

It is rectangular in shape and has an extension of 8 hectares, between the Osellino canal and the Pertini district. Practically at one of the entrances to the center of Mestre, which often goes unnoticed by those who...


Bosco di Carpenedo

The Carpenedo Wood is a luxuriant green lung, which with its tranquility, its silence and its vegetation welcomes everyone with a soothing embrace. Witness of a bygone era, it is the last portion still intact in the...


Giardini di Castello

For the Venetians they are simply "the gardens", because although there are many gardens and green areas in the historic center and on the islands, these are the gardens by definition. "We are at the gardens" or "At...


Giardini Groggia

Located in a quiet and secluded area of ​​Venice, it can be reached by crossing the tenement houses near the church of Sant’Alvise and the residences overlooking the lagoon; both to the west and to the east of the park...


Giardini Papadopoli

The intention to create a large green area was implemented in the 1830s by Teresa Mosconi - wife of Count Spiridione Papadopoli - who at the time, together with her husband, took over from the Quadri family. In...


The Royal Gardens of San Marco, overlooking the Campanile di San Marco.

Giardini Reali

The Royal Gardens of San Marco are of relatively recent origins, dating back to the 19th century, when Venice fell into the hands of the French with the Treaty of Campo Formio.  There were numerous changes to...


Giardini Savorgnan

The garden is located near the Ponte delle Guglie, and belongs to the Savorgnan patrician residence of the same name, now home to a school. At the beginning, the green area was designed by the architect Giuseppe...


Parco di San Giuliano

The history of the area of ​​Punta San Giuliano, near the Ponte della Libertà, is that of an area that over the years has become heavily degraded, at an urban and environmental level. Area that has been used for years...


Parco di villa Querini

Park located in the heart of the city of Mestre, a few steps from the former hospital area and annexed to the Querini villa, now home to the offices of the Municipality of Venice. It was the first public garden in the...


Parco Jacur

The Jacur gardens, now owned by the Municipality of Salzano together with the Villa and the spinning mill, were built in 1854 by Moisè Vita Jacur, a Paduan financier of Jewish origin. The stylistic layout of the...


Park of the Castle of Thiene

A width of 12,000 square meters, enclosed and separated from the public streets by walls that surround the entire area of ​​the castle. A green area that develops in front of and behind the villa, with different...